Sally Woods-Alexandres

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Much of my work is related to nature which is  both solace and inspiration; it easily becomes a vehicle to suggest more abstract content.  I use a layering process, employing   planes of space which are often flat or illusionary.  This method places the subject in a context which is metaphorical, bridging the  form to an emotional response. Often  I create forms which are  in the  process of becoming  thus allowing  each change to happen intuitively. This way of working parallels  the ephemeral aspects which are so much a part of daily experience, be it memory, time, understanding, feelings, or knowledge.


These pieces are part of a series in which discarded metal is the main component. Using plasma cutter,drill press, hammers, and buffing instruments I manipulate the pieces to create new shapes and textures. Combining these with additional reclaimed materials I work intuitively until a form evolves which has a quality that is satisfying. I am looking for content lyrical,poetic, and metaphoric, which is felt viscerally rather than understood specifically. As when visiting an archeological site one hopes to glimpse a sense of its former time beyond the remnants of structure and historical evidence ; my intent is to create objects that evoke a more ancient circumstance, fragmented and touching.

Figurative                                                                                                                                                         We read faces to know feelings and to connect with one another.  The silence inherent in a suspended action or  halted expression creates focus for the   emotional state depicted, readable, thus  promoting identity with it. While we live in a time period when war coverage through photographs has given us profound information,  their numbers and format make them less seen rather than more.  I use the approach of realism  with some in the series as its directness is the most assessable to more of the people. There are no sides taken, only a pointing to human pain and complexity.

Statement: Oil Painting and Encaustic